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Amazon Advanced Training For Beginners

Day 1
  • Find out the problems selling on Amazon Marketplace.
  • How to register on Amazon.
  • Analyzing demand and supply.
  • Finding Right Product to sell on Marketplace.
  • Understanding the Costing of Product.
  • Intellectual seller property rights.
  • Importance of Trademark
  • Brand Building
  • Importance of FBA
  • Packaging of Product
  • Ways to get repeat order
  • Coupon Code Creation
  • Importance of Price fluctuation
Day 2
  • Understanding Buyer psychology.
  • Finding the right Keyword
  • Keyword tree generation technique
  • Understanding the importance of informative title
  • Title creation technique
  • Importance of visual merchandising on market place.
  • How to get done photoshoots
  • Importance of informative images
  • Content Positioning in informative image
  • Importance of displaying Company overview
  • Benefits of giving product key features information in JPEG image format.
  • Benefits of creating variations
  • How create variation of existing and non existing products
Day 3
  • How to create ad campaign
  • How to find out right products for ad campaign
  • How to set budget for ad campaign
  • How to bid
  • How to choose right keyword
  • How to control and manage ad campaign.
  • How to improve ad campaign performance
  • Benefits of creating a banner ad
  • How to get removed Negative feedback
  • How to get positive feedback
  • How to add multiple users for same seller account
  • How to distribute work to the added users
  • How to manage buyer seller communications

Amazon Advanced Training For Sales & Traffic Improvement

In Class Training
  • Learn the way of effective listing : Right  approach is very important that is why you must have knowledge of displaying your product effectively with all details in right way.
  • Learn to analyse online business on Amazon : Your e-commerce business will not be more fussy after getting awareness of demand & supply and identifying Hot and Cold product.
  • Learn to understand buyer psychology : The most important thing in any business is to understand the buyer psychology because no body knows what is going in buyer’s mind. Also some times we miss judge the buyer’s expectation and looses selling conversion. Now it’s time to know your buyer mind how do they think.
  • Learn online visual merchandising : Improve your product visibility and attract more buyers. Good visuals not just improve the buyer interest but it also make them trust over your product.
  • Learn how to improve the power of content : Content position plays very important role in product selling conversion and if content position in not good while giving information about your product then it will lead you to low selling conversion rate.
  • Learn to boost you selling performance : Appearance in Amazon search result is a must need for any seller that is why you should have knowledge of keyword tree generation because without it your product will loose the appearance. Keyword tree generation is better than using any keyword data available on search engine.
  • Learn techniques of promotions : Giving discount to your existing and present buyers is a very good option to generate more sell. Learn to create coupon codes and other promotions.
  • Learn how to go for sponsored product ad campaign : Creating per click paid ad campaign is one of the best way to   improve visibility and sell. Know how  create it and save 60% while running per click add campaign promotion.
  • Learn how to get rid of  negative feedback’s : Sometimes buyers writes negative feedback for your product know why they writes it and how to prevent them.
  • Improvement in Traffic and product Page view
  • Improvement in Conversion Rate
  • Improvement in visibility
  • Improvement in product sales Rank
  • Improvement in feedbacks
  • Better control over product return
  • Saving lots of money in promotion
  • Better knowledge of making cold product to a hot selling product
  • Better knowledge of business analyzing

Note: Also get 2 Days Free Website Planning & Creation Course Worth Rs 5000

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